Angle Detector

Angle Detector [STAD-2000]


Product Description

Equipped with a high performance process, STAD-2000 (Angle Detector) is designed to track IRM-254 (IR Mark) at a high speed and measure the angle of X-axis and Y-axis.

The special optical filter mounted at the front and the use of IRM-254’s ID-type system minimizes interference from external light sources and the chance of error during recognition process.

The measured angle data is indicated on the LCD screen and sent through RS-422 Serial communication.

Angle Detector is used to monitor the sway of a crane when automated to ensure anti-sway operation.

STAD-2000 is not a standalone product and must be used with IRM-254.


  • Digital Signal Processor
  • Clock Rate 400Mhz (3200Mips)
  • Non-Contact Measuring
  • Non-Calibration
  • LCD Display
  • RS422 Interface (RS232 Order)
  • X-Axis, Y-Axis Angle Calculation


Input Power 24VDC
Normal Current <150MA
Operating Temperature -10℃~70℃
Measuring Range +/-8.5℃
Resolution at 10m 0.04Degree
Measuring Speed 15 Measuring /Sec
Measuring Distance 2.5Meter~15Meter
Dimensions 76(W)X87(H)X176(D)
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