AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) (3 KAV) [SPAV-300K]


Product Description

The system compensates voltage using the AC Chopper and maintains a high efficiency with an ideal line conditioner using the built-in LC filter while keeping output voltage at a certain level at all times.
It has a fast response rate of output voltage according to changes in input voltage without short-circuit, waveform distortion, low power factor and noise.
As it controls abnormal voltage digitally using IGBT power element, it makes sure there is no sudden change in voltage while supplying stable power regardless of load.
The front LCD screen indicates the status of power supply for accurate monitoring.
The level of compensation for output voltage against input voltage is +/- 35% and as an AVR, it is designed exclusively for vehicles such as a crane that has very unstable voltage.

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AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) (3 KAV) [SPAV-300K] Catalog Download

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