Unmanned Crane System

Unmanned Crane System [STUCS]


Product Description

System Structure of Mid/Large Scale Plant


Key Features of Mid/Large-Scale Plant
  • Organize work process based on the upper level system’s work schedule
  • Reassign work according to the situation in the workplace
  • Process the performance of the completed work


System Structure of Small Scale Plant


Key Features of Small-Scale Plant
  • Organize work process instantly using a mouse on the Yard screen
  • Assign work process in batch
  • Process the performance of the completed work


Shape Recognition System (SRS)
  • Recognize the position and shape of a vehicle, and position of cargo (e.g. coil, slab) for the automation of loading/unloading process
  • Vehicle Type: Trailer, Truck, Pallet, RORO Car, etc.


Automation Features

24-hour continuous unmanned operation system-cutting edge logistics system for competitive advantage in manufacturing process.

  • Improve work environment
    - Yard control system
    - HMI console desk in operation room
    - Collision/safety requirements
  • Maximize yard efficiency
    - Improve crane’s real-time positioning
    - Improve yard operation plan (I/L, QT, SCHEDULE, LOAD REQ, etc.)
    - Computerize logistics information
  • Improve entry and shipping service
    - Build Shape Recognition System (SRS)
    - Unmanned operation based on work instructions (e.g. entry, transfer, shipping)
  • Self-analysis of crane
    - Maximize maintenance efficiency (automated management of parts replacement, identification of defective parts)
    - Emergency response for unmanned crane (automatic call to maintenance engineers)
    - Self-analysis on a regular basis to improve maintenance performance
  • Applicable cranes
    - Coil crane (vertical/horizontal lifter, horizontal c-hook type)
    - Slab crane (tong lifter, magnet type)
    - Scale Pit crane (tong, magnet type)
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