Controller & Sensor

  • angle detector
    Angle Detector
    Angle Detector [STAD-2000]   Product Description Equipped with a high performance process, STAD-2000 (Angle Detecto
  • ir mark
    IR MARK [IRM-254] Product Description IRM-254(IR MARK) is an infrared sensor that uses ID-type infrared LED to allow STA
  • laser distance meter
    Laser Distance Meter
    Laser Distance Meter [SLD-500-CMN]   Product Description SLD-500-CMN is an upgraded version of SLD-500-CM with impr
  • serial data line filter
    Serial Data Line Filter
    Serial Data Line Filter [ST-DMF4200] Product Description ST-DMF 4200 is a serial data line filter that removes the noise
  • object detection sensor
    Object Detection Sensor
    Object Detection Sensor [SAPD-70N(P) / SAPD-700N(P)] Product Description Specifications SAPD-70N,SAPD-70P SAPD-700N,SAPD
  • object detection array sensor
    Object Detection Array Sensor
    Object Detection Array Sensor [SAPD-305M(1500N)] Introduction Non-Contact Measuring Simple Design and Setting 5Point Pos
  • LED working dashboard
    LED Working dashboard
    LED Working dashboard [STDP-W36]   Product Description Dashboard Color Standby & Hoisting RED Lowering GREEN F
  • LED sign board
    LED Sign Board For Unmanned Crane
    LED Sign Board For Unmanned Crane [STDP-242]   Product Description Using ultra-bright LED, this sign board offers w
  • data wireless transceiver
    Data Wireless Transceiver
    Data Wireless Transceiver [ST-EWT(R)12] Product Description ST-EWT12 is a transmitter that sends the data collected by t

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