Unmanned crane automation solution


These are some of our major business accomplishments.

CCM USER MEASURING SYSTEM (POSCO Pohang Main Plant # 2 – Yeon)

Using laser distance sensors, the system tracks the slab length in real-time that is entered into a cross-cutting machine to cut the back plate materials. The existing system underwent improvement from a contact measuring roll type to non-contact laser type.


The existing VME system was localized as a PC system which incorporated the advantage of VME system’s parallel processing to develop a low-cost system.

Teeming Crane Wireless Video Monitoring Control System (POSCO Gwangyang # 1, 2 – Jegang)

This monitoring system allows operators to directly monitor the ladle’s seating condition by applying wireless LAN, video signal communication device, wireless modem to the crane that transports the ladle.

Mold Monitoring System (POSCO Pohang # 1, 3 – Yeonju)

This system allows operators to check the temperature distribution on the mold to prevent any break out that can occur during the molding process.

AP Analyzing System for Yeonju (POSCO Pohang # 1, 2, 3 – Yeonju)

The system consists of a SLAB Test Piece Image Sampling Device and image analyzer computer. The SLAB Test Piece Image Sampling Device samples slab images using its built-in scanner.

Coll Lift Controller (Gwangyang Steel # 2 Nangyeon. 3 Nangyeon. 2 Yeolyeon)

It controls the motion of a lifter for the automation of coil or slab tong crane. Various sensors are mounted on the lifter using chip microcontroller to establish communication with Crane Computer in real-time in order to monitor and control the lifter as it functions as a brain for unmanned crane automation.

Edge Dam Quick Changing System (Postrip Ladle Han Deck Sub-Structure)

This system enables online process during 2 hours of pre-casting for Edge Dam at the Edge Dam Preheater which is located in the Postrip’s ground area.

Replacement of CLTS at Gwangyang # 1,2,3 Nangyeon / 2 Yeolyeon

CLTS for was built for # 1,2,3 Nangyeon / 2 Yeolyeon Plants which improved the work efficiency of monitoring and crane operators for sub-facilities while establishing communication between crane computer system and ground system.

Design & Manufacturing New Electrical Steel Plate Coil Yard Unmanned Crane

Electrical Steel Plate Plant Warehouse

Developed the system for 3 axial conjunction controls using unmanned algorithm based on anti-sway control while designing and building unmanned crane electrical flow.

Automation PLC, Crane Computer HMI, Ground Program Development & Trial Operation for Gwangyang # 1, 2, 3

Coil Crane: # 1, 2, 3 – Nangyeon, #1,2,3 Yeonyeol, Stainless, Mini-mill, 4Plating
Slab Crane: # 2 Yeongju Plant, Scale Pit Crane, etc.

Automation PLC, Crane Computer HMI, Ground Program Development & Trial Operation for Pohang # 1, 2

Coil Crane: 1, 2 STS Nangyeon Plant, Electrical Steel Plate Plant

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